Nieuws: C-Seed indoor TV

C SEED 262, the world´s largest 4k widescreen TV

Giant TV specialist CSEED announces the next leap ahead, introducing CSEED 262, the world´s largest 4k widescreen TV “262” refers to a world record screen diagonal of 262 inches or 6,65 meters. Ten integrated high-end speakers add total quality sound in a 7.1. or 9.1 cinema surround environment.

Stay seated in your favorite fauteuil and push the remote control button. Watch the customized fabric cover fold away to reveal the enormous 4k LED TV. Pick content from the integrated 4k media server and enjoy a viewing experience that up to now was simply unavailable outside a private movie theatre in a remote corner of your mansion.



Screen surface: 6144 mm x 2574 mm

Total TV size: 6144 mm x 2724mm

Resolution: 4096 x 1716 pixels

Screen weight: approx. 800 kg

On-board sound: 6 high end speakers