Nieuws: Ultieme Race Simulator

Simulation is as much an art as a science, the aim being to have the driver believe what they are doing is real. Our simulators enable the driver to engage more quickly and more fully, resulting in better racing and a purer experience.


V1-500 SimGP


Authenticity is the Key

Reality is therefore the best policy, from the way we generate the motion to the physical environment in which the driver sits. The full F1 car and the SimCell portion of the full car are absolutely authentic in size and shape. When you are the F1 teams themselves they have got to be right. Unfortunately we can only sell you the generic models not the actual team versions.

Nonetheless the seating position and seat shape is completely authentic, the only sacrifice to authenticity is that we made it wider – your average F1 driver’s backside is barely humanly possible!

The steering wheel fully interacts with the software and is made in genuine carbon fibre. From beginning to end takes in excess of 50 hours to build. Excessive? – not really, it makes a huge difference to the quality of the experience for the driver once they have had enough practice to manage to look down at the wheel. It just feels right.


V1-500 SimGP

V2-500 SimGP